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Do you need your drains clearing in London?


High pressure water jetting is the most effective means of clearing drains, Fast Flow have the experience and a comprehensive range of jetting equipment to deal with any blockage.

The standard high pressure drain jetting units are fitted into the rear of our fully equipped service vans, they are called Van-Pac jetting units.

The most common cause of a blocked drain is a sewage and paper blockage, this can be dealt with quickly and effectively by high pressure water jetting, blocked sink/rainwater gullies can also be cleared easily by high pressure water jetting.

We also have vehicle mounted high pressure jetting units

Fast Flow also has trailer mounted high pressure jetting units, which are ideal where Van-Pac units cannot access, such as building sites with tight entry access.

Fast Flow service vans are also equipped with micro jetting hoses and nozzles for cleaning small bore pipe-work, such as kitchens toilers.

Fast Flow has high pressure water jetting equipment for every problem. We offer both residential and commercial drainage services across the London and South East of England areas.

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